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Available in Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Red Birch, Red Oak, Clear Alder, Rustic Alder, Rustic Hickory, and Walnut. Many other species available. Contact customer service or submit a quote request for availability and pricing of non-standard species.


Overlay cabinet front frames are 3/4” solid hardwoods with 1 1/2” wide stiles and rails using glued and screwed joinery. Inset cabinet face frames are built with a haunch joint. Inset Wall and Tall cabinets are built with 2 1/2” top rail while overlay cabinets will have 1 1/2” top frame rails. Standard base height cabinet face frames are 30” high with a 4 1/2” toe space creating an overall height of 34 1/2”. Cabinets less than 9” wide will have reduced face frame stile widths. Center stiles on 2-door cabinets 39” and wider are the standard. (See Plainfield door style for exceptions.)

Case Construction and Interiors:

1/2” plywood is standard and interiors will be UV Birch veneer. Matching wood interior is offered as a modification. Cabinets are available at standard sizes with customization of dimensions allowed to 1/16”. Any case dimension change, whether increase or decrease, is subject to manufacturing limitations. Please contact customer service for any required dimensions that fall outside the span of our standard offered sizes.


Cabinet backs are (1/4” panel with UV Birch veneer) dadoed into the sides. 1/2” plywood hanging rails, mounted externally, are standard on most cabinets. The grain on interior backs will be horizontal on cabinets larger than 48” wide.

Toe Space:

Toe space is 4 1/2” high and 3 1/2” deep covered with a 1/2” sub toe board. Finished toe board matching specie and finish of cabinets is available as an accessory. Toe space platforms will be shipped loose on super susan bases, diagonal corner bases, and tall cabinets over 84” high as a standard.

Shelves and Supports:

Adjustable shelves are 3/4” UV Birch veneer plywood, front edge banded. 24” deep tall cabinets have a 22 1/4” deep shelf. 24” deep base cabinets have a 17 1/4” deep shelf. Wall cabinets have an 11 1/4” deep shelf. The shelf supports are nickel-plated steel peg in 5mm hole, adjustable in 32mm (approx 1 1/4”) increments. Typical minimum frame opening height for adjustable shelf = 18”.


Drawers are 5/8” solid maple sides, dovetailed front and back with a 1/4” maple veneer panel captured bottom . (Walnut drawer boxes available as an option.) Standard drawer box heights are available in 1” increments from 2” through 10”. The actual drawer box height will be determined by the frame opening height. For example, a 5” frame opening will have a 4” high drawer box. Contact customer service for other drawer height availability. Full width drawer boxes in cabinets 39” wide and over will have additional bottom support.


Blumotion drawer glides are standard with 100 lb. weight capacity. Blumotion is an undermount, full extension, concealed glide that closes silently and smoothly with only a light touch by user. If the frame openings for the drawer boxes are under 6” wide, solo glides will be used due to constraints in the Blumotion hardware. Rollout shelf glides are sidemount epoxy coated steel with nylon roller bearings. Floor mount rollouts will have Blumotion glides. The deluxe undermount rollouts will have Blumotion glides. Glide hardware may not be available for cabinets less than 12” deep. Contact customer service for availability and options.


Most are made from select kiln dried hardwoods using 3/4” frames and 1/2” solid wood center panels. See specific door styles for exceptions. Doors over 24” wide will be made with two center panels, side to side. Doors over 48” tall will be made with two center panels, top to bottom. Use of a single horizontal panel opening in doors measuring over 24” wide will not be covered under warranty. Use of a single vertical panel opening in doors measuring over 48” tall will not be covered under warranty.


Door hinging is available in semi-overlay concealed, semi-overlay knife, semi-overlay knife-lip door (3/8” inset). Full inset door with barrel hinge or concealed hinge, and full-overlay concealed hinges are available as an upgrade. Inset doors have a 3/32” margin on all sides of single doors and drawer fronts and between butt door pairs. Overlay doors have 1/8” margin between butt door pairs. A soft close feature is standard for concealed hinges when available. Soft close is not available on inset with barrel hinges or knife hinged doors. Soft close is not recommended for use on pie cut doors.

  • Door Reveals*(for most standard applications)
  • Hinge Type
  • Reveals
  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Sides
  • Semi-Overlay
  • Concealed & Knife
  • 1″
  • 1″
  • 1″
  • Full-overlay(Wall Cabinets)
  • Concealed
  • 1″
  • 1/4″
  • 1/4″
  • Full-overlay(Base Cabinets)
  • Concealed
  • 1/4″
  • 1/4″
  • 1/4″
  • Semi-overlay lipped(3/8″ Inset)
  • Knife
  • 1-5/16″
  • 1-5/16″
  • 1-5/16″

Inset Door Specifications:

Inset style cabinets are available from Brighton Cabinetry, Inc. For each order placed as inset, the following information must accompany your order: framing option (beaded vs. non-beaded) and choice of hinge. Non–beaded (standard frame) apply upcharge of 15%, beaded frame apply upcharge of 18%.

****Quick Ship lead times are not available for inset door cabinets****

The following door options are available with an L-253 outside edge profile only. This is a Machine front edge with a 5 degree back bevel. Other outside profiles are not available with inset style doors. For other door styles, please contact customer service for availability. MDF doors are not available.

  • Amesbury
  • Fairhaven
  • Neoga Ridge Arched*
  • Sunrise*
  • Cafe
  • Heartland
  • Newport
  • Thompson*
  • Churchill
  • Homeland
  • Shaker
  • Verona
  • Cottage
  • Meadowview*
  • Shaker Medium*
  • Wabash
  • Eclipse*
  • Monroe*
  • Sheldon*
  • Wide Rail Shaker*
  • Fairfield*
  • Neoga Ridge
  • Summit*

*Arched rail and wide framing design doors may have reduced width stiles for narrower door sizes.

Available barrel hinge finishes include Black, Polished Brass, Nickel (ball finial), Sterling Nickel (minaret finial), Oil Rubbed Bronze, Wrought Iron, and Antique English. Concealed inset hinging is also available.

Concealed inset hinges may require inward extended frame stiles with some cabinet modifications such as wainscot end panels and bead board ends. The inward extended stile will be added to the cabinet by the factory when necessary at no upcharge. The following are examples of cabinets that will have modified face frame stiles to accept concealed inset hinges; we do no recommend these cabinets are ordered with concealed inset hinges: WAC, BAC, BAFC, and TAC.

Soft close door upgrade (ASCDA) is available on inset style cabinets with concealed hinges only. This option is not available with inset barrel hinges.

Inset cabinet face frames are built with a haunch joint. Inset Wall and Tall cabinets are built with 2 1/2” top frame rail. Case frames are available with the option of standard machine inside edge (STD FR) or beaded inside edge (BDD FR).

Door magnet catch is the closest coordinating finish available, chosen at Brighton’s discretion.

Applied false door option is not available with inset style cabinets, please choose the wainscot option. If false door is selected, the cabinet will be made with a wainscot panel in place of the false door. Pricing will also reflect wainscot panel applied.

The Base Wicker Vegetable Basket cabinet (B1DVB) is not available as pictured when wanted in conjunction with inset doors. As a standard, it will have a 5” valance top rail in place of the top drawer.

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