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Featured Project

Do you LOVE your kitchen?

For February treat yourself or a loved one to a new kitchen for Valentine’s!  This month’s project is showcasing a gorgeous, large kitchen filled with Brighton cabinets and island.  Using complimenting color choices, we are looking at a wonderful example of our Oatmeal finish on the perimeter and a Peppercorn stained island.

A neat detail that we do not see often come through our shop is a flipper door on an appliance garage cabinet.  What is that you might ask? Well it’s a convenient feature to save a little space on your counter top when you are pulling out larger appliances.  For example, in one of the pictures, you will see a close up of a stand mixer. If you noticed the notch in the cabinet by the doors when opened, that is because the door can now glide easily inside of the cabinet so you do not have to move the mixer too far from its housing space.

Another amazing feature you might have noticed would be on each side of the oven are two decorated pull-out spice racks; a convenient way to house the cluster of spices that we all tend to collect.  This space in a lot of homes goes unused, so what a great way to utilize this area and have items you might need in a moment’s notice at hand’s reach!  At Brighton we offer more than just spice racks that would fit into a minimal space that could be particularly helpful with keeping the clutter a bit more tidy.

For the room that is considered the heart of the home, the island is a popular feature from seating to housing appliances to the sink.  The island that is being featured has many little hidden gems; extra seating, more outlets, a sink, and additional storage space for larger appliances!

There is so much you can do with your dream kitchen. After all you invested in your home, you deserve the very best – starting with the highest quality material to our skilled craftsmen, Brighton Cabinetry and our amazing dealers will create that one-of-a-kind look you want!  If you are interested in Brighton Cabinetry for your home, please see our Find a Dealer page to find one close to you!

Designer: Karolina Zawistowska
Location: Stone Art Design Home Design Center

Specie: Maple
Finish:  Oatmeal and Peppercorn
Overlay: FOLC
Doors: Lincoln Flat
Drawer: 5pc Flat