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Accessories To Make Time in The Kitchen Easier

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Life can be hectic at times but spending time in your kitchen does not have to be. With the right accessories and set-up, your kitchen can be transformed into a space that is easier to move around and enjoyable to be in. Accessories like a utensil organizer, spice rack, and pull-out wastebasket can add organization and ease to prepping meals or entertaining guests but still have a stylish look.

Great Storage Options

The homeowner of this Feature Project was looking to update their kitchen to something functional but still fit their family’s lifestyle. On the recommendation of a friend, they contacted Katie Kieler from Cabinet Discounters.  Katie designed a space-saving kitchen with great storage options to give added room and make meal prep time a lot easier. Storage options like a utensil organizer cabinet is a great place to store all your utensils out of the way but still where you can easily access them. Another great option is the drawer spice rack. All your spices are within reach instead of cluttered together in a cabinet. These added accessories made the kitchen more functional for the whole family.

Added Space

Added space to a kitchen can also make things easier. Using space-saving options like a base microwave oven cabinet can free up the counter area for cooking. With the microwave under the counter instead of on top you will have more room. Clean-up can be a breeze with a pull-out double wastebasket with white bins. Especially if it is right next to the sink. Another great accessory the family chose was a tray divider in the wall cabinet. The dividers are a perfect area to store trays, plates, or cookie sheets. The family stated, “Everything with the new layout makes life a lot easier. Far fewer steps traversing the kitchen and much easier cabinets and drawers to access everything. And I love my spice insert drawer. So easy to quickly find what I need.”

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Designed by: Katie Kieler with Cabinet Discounters using Brighton Cabinetry cabinets

Location: Springfield, Virginia

Door Style: Rodera

Species: Maple

Finish: Cadet